Ballroom Blitz Dance Studio

(323) 258-0029

c/o Gualala Community Center 47950 Center St. Gualala, CA 95445

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not addresses in these FAQ’s, do not hesitate to call or email us for more information.

  1. What if I am a beginner? That’s why we are here. Beginners are actually the easiest people to get dancing.

  2. Can I really learn to dance? Yes, you can. More importantly, we want you to know it’s okay to dance.

  3. How can I learn to dance if I have never studied dancing? No one is a born dancer. Everyone has to learn sometime ( lyric from a great Korgi’s song and very true).

  4. How did you choose to teach at the Gualala Community Center? First and foremost, the wood floor, which is ample in size and in fantastic condition. Secondly, the administrative staff is wonderful.

  5. Can I reach you through the Gualala Community Center? We suggest you contact us directly. The staff at the Center is not connected to our administration.

  6. What’s the best way to reach Ballroom Blitz? Telephone and email are the best ways to reach us - (323) 258-0029 and On the advice of our cats, we tried carrier pigeons…bloody mess.

  7. What forms of payment do you accept? Cash is the preferred, but we do accept checks and credit card payments. You can also pay online through our Paypal account. Count Dracula called and asked if we accepted, ‘Crypto-currency.’ We said, ‘No.’

  8. Can I take a class by myself or do you have to have a partner? We do provide inflatable dolls… Yes, you can take a class by yourself. We rotate partners in our group classes, so everyone dances with a partner. Plus, Susannah and I are in the class to help round out the ratio.

  9. Do we have to rotate partners? Can we just dance with our partner? You do not have to switch partners.

  10. Can I keep my inflatable doll? No, we want our imaginary inflatable dolls back.

  11. Is there a dress code? No, but please be presentable. Let me be a little more clear in saying hygiene is important. Did you run a marathon before class? Take a shower. Did you just place second in a garlic eating contest? Brush your teeth.

  12. How about shoes? We always recommend dance shoes; however, they are not mandatory. Wear what you have available that will allow you to walk across the floor. We do recommend that ladies were closed-toe shoes that are attached to their feet (clogs and sandals are a no-no). Wedges are also a bad idea.

  13. Do you sell dance shoes? No, but we can steer you in the right direction.

  14. Would a couple drinks before class be a good idea? Um, no. Save the ‘Liquid Courage’ for AFTER class as a toast to the great time you had.

  15. Do you sell or serve refreshments? No. We suggest you bring your own water to drink.

  16. What are the benefits of switching partners? Rotating partners facilitates learning.

  17. Can we record what we learned in class? Yes, at the end of each class, we dance the choreography so you can record it.

  18. Why private lessons? Some people prefer 1-on-1 teaching. Sometimes our group classes don’t fit someone’s schedule. Private lessons allow for more in-depth instruction and can clarify things brought up in group classes.

  19. Does one need to take the group classes to book a private lesson? No.

  20. Do you teach privately on a walk-in basis? No. Lessons are booked on space availability, so a 24-hour lead time would be appreciated. Consequently, if you book a lesson and need to cancel, please call and let us know.

  21. Is there a package deal for lessons? No. We price our lessons and classes to keep them affordable.

  22. Do wedding lessons include choreography? Yes.

  23. When should I start taking wedding dance lessons? We recommend 2-3 months before the big day; however, sometimes life gets in the way and all of sudden you are weeks away and really want to dance. We can get it done. We have had couples literally take lessons the week of their wedding and were able to get them ready. Do we suggest you wait until the last minute? No.

  24. Do you teach off-site like someone’s home or at a private party? No.