My name is Anthony and my wife is Susannah. We opened Ballroom Blitz Los Angeles in 2004 with the goal of bringing Ballroom and Latin dancing to at the time the little known suburb called Eagle Rock. Having made Gualala our permanent home, we would love to share dancing with you.


Our Mission is make dancing accessible and affordable

There is a mystique to dancing. People want to dance but at the same time are afraid to try. Our goal is a two-parter. We aim for you to take dancing off your ‘Wish List’ and then make you glad you did. Remember that no one is a born dancer. That’s why we are here.

know your dance teachers

Susannah started as a ballet dancer when she was 4 years old and switched to Ballroom at 18.  I am not allowed to include years, but I met her when I was 38 and our dates were basically wine and dancing, which are literally two things you shouldn’t do while you are driving.  I loved American Standards and she taught me how to dance to them. Her dance resume is available upon request, but in a nutshell she competed professionally for 21 years and has taught for 35 years - you do the math, but don’t tell her I said that. My point is that she knows her stuff like nobody’s business. It was her expertise and excellence that allowed Ballroom Blitz to remain a ‘mom & pop’ shop as we always intended and yet become one of the most popular studios in Los Angeles. Her love of dance and instruction has turned out a number of dancers, who have gone on to become professional competitors. She has choreographed routines for competitions, showcases, and film projects.

Me? I am a misfit, a metric nut in a standard world. As a teen, I galloped thoroughbred racehorses with hopes of one day becoming a jockey. From there I worked as a busboy in a restaurant and then a nursing aid in a hospital. The road led me to private investigations and then stirred hopes (get this) of becoming an actor. While working a case out of state, I met Susannah at the airport. It was total happenstance and yet serendipitous as not only were we both traveling but we realized we lived 10 minutes apart in Los Angeles. A first and then a second date ensued, and from those early days on, she taught me to dance. I came up with the idea of opening up a studio for her, which we named Ballroom Blitz. By this point, I was a substitute school teacher to supplement my straight to DVD acting career. She would teach, and I would run the studio between acting and teaching gigs. Well, Ballroom Blitz became so popular that I was soon taking my regular lesson and then dancing in all the classes. Maybe it was all part of her evil plan, because one day she said, ‘You should be a dance teacher.’ And on that day, I redefined myself once again. I obviously welcome transition, and I believe this willingness allows me to empathize with beginners and wedding couples, who truly are welcoming a sort of redefinition for themselves.